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Stop Smoking Programmes:

$299 (includes FREE Support CD – Value $30)

Virtual Gastric Band Programme: 


Creating Confident KidsEmpower Your Child – when they sleep!

This is a self-esteem programme for children, whether or not they have issues/problems.  It can help them counteract negative messages, cope with life’s challenges at home, school, sports, etc, and improve their learning and behaviour.
Each child is different so this programme covers 3 – 6 sessions over 3-6 months (approximately), as it depends on individual results.
Sports Hypnosis:
This programme is for you if you are are an elite athletes, a weekend “warrior”, or somewhere in between. It can help you make powerful transformations in your chosen sport, helping you improve your techniques, concentration, focus and performance.
Coaching / Relaxation Programme: 
This follows on from your personal hypnotherapy sessions, for as long as required. It is tailored for you and can be used to help you remain calm and relaxed (one client described it as a “mind massage”) and keep you focused and on track. If you have already been an Alpha client you will be eligible for a special rate on your sessions

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5 sessions75067080
6 sessions900800

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Hypnotherapy Audio CDs – $30 ea. + P&P

  • Relaxation  and Self Esteem
  • Deep Relaxation and Personal Development

Hypnotherapy sessions are conducted by Roger Saxelby or Susan Wood, who offer personal sessions and programmes. For your Peace of Mind both are Registered Hypnotherapists with the NZ Hypnotherapists Registration Board Inc, the only independent hypnotherapists registration board in New Zealand.

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