Control of Your Alcohol Intake

Increasing alcohol in times of stress or anxiety is not unusual.

Stop the Alcohol IncreaseAnd while you possibly don’t want to stop drinking altogether, you may be concerned about how it’s crept up?

You may prefer to reduce it back to pre-Covid-19 intake or perhaps even less?

BTW… if you’ve found your snacking or food intake has increased, click here to reduce. 

COVID-19 has meant a huge shift to the way we live our lives and it’s understandable to feel stressed and anxious. It can be tempting to turn to alcohol as a coping mechanism to deal with this stress. However, it has been proven that alcohol not only weakens the immune system, it can also worsen the quality of our sleep and worsen our mental health.

Are you someone who has increased alcohol consumption over the last few months to help deal with stress and anxiety?

  • Have you turned to alcohol due to boredom or to help relax?
  • Did you stockpile wine and beer?
  • Have you been posting memes to Facebook with humorous quotes about using ‘alcohol to get through this?’
  • Has your behaviour towards alcohol changed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic?

All of these examples can show a shift in mindset to do with alcohol which in some cases can show a growth in dependence which can cause problems if not dealt with.

Most of us either saw the queues at liquor stores on the news or stood in the long lines spiraling through the streets once liquor stores were deemed essential during lock down. And all around the world people have been turning to alcohol during this crisis to help with boredom, stress, anxiety and to help them relax.

Are you concerned about your increase in alcohol consumption during the COVID-19 Pandemic? Are your friends and family concerned? Do you need help to change?

In New Zealand there has been a massive demand in the online sale of alcohol during lock down. To help warn the effects of this, this May the World Health Organisation released a factsheet that warns that heavy alcohol consumption can actually increase the risk of respiratory failure, which is one of the most severe complications of COVID-19. To add to this, alcohol was sold as an essential item during level 4 lockdown. But we also need to keep in mind that New Zealand already has a problem with heavy and binge drinking. Almost half the alcohol in New Zealand is drunk in heavy and binge drinking sessions.

In many coutries in the western world, especially in the US, Governors have termed alcohol an essential business!  Evidence has shown that Americans in general are buying more and in larger quantities. And in the UK alcohol sales in supermarkets and corner shops lept by 22% in March.

However, excessive drinking during a crisis can have long term effects. “A study of the impact of the SARS outbreak on Beijing hospital employees in 2003 found greater likelihood of alcohol abuse or dependence symptoms three years later associated with quarantine or working in high-risk settings such as wards dedicated to treating patients with the respiratory illness.” And the same thing has happened after other stressful events. E.g. 9/11, Hurricane Katrina.

According to this article people are putting in place patterns of heavier drinking that show up in future higher rates of alcohol use disorders.

We need to support one another during a crisis – and a drinking session is not the best way of doing so.

It’s important to stay clear headed in times of crisis. It doesn’t matter if you live alone, have a family and/or looking after children or elderly family members, and whether you have a job or not.

That is why we have developed a programme with tools and techniques to help you reduce your need and intake of alcohol.

This programme aims to help you take control of your thoughts, which can increase your feeling of well-being and help you be more in control of your actions.

It aims to help stop negative thought patterns which can lead you to turn to alcohol to feel better.

We offer a 30 minute FREE – no obligation – consultation, where you can explain get your questions answered personally

And with the effects of increased alcohol intake in a crisis causing long term effects, what better time to start than now.

If we all do our part to discourage unhealthy drinking habits, this can greatly help us all to get through this together.

We can help you get through this with Hypnotherapy.

Remember… we offer a 30 minute FREE – no obligation – consultation.

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