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Profession Overview

The NZ Hypnotherapy Federation Inc. (NZHF) is the only umbrella organisation for the profession in this country. Membership of the Federation, as it is known, is for hypnotherapy organisations only – incorporated societies and training schools. See diagram below:

New Zealand Hypnotherapy Federation Incorporated (NZHF)

Incorporated Societies – including NZHRB     Training Schools – including Alpha  

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Alpha Hypnosis Training
Alpha Hypnosis

Alpha Hypnosis was one of the original member organisations when the Federation was set up in 1994.

 National Hypnotherapy Standards

– Update February 2016…

The NZ profession is in an exciting state of change. The new hypnotherapy standards, developed during 2015, have been accepted not only by the delegates at the National Hypnotherapy Conference but also by the New Zealand Hypnotherapy Federation Inc.  as The National Standards for the profession. The next step is to develop the process for accreditation of the hypnotherapy training schools that want to be involved, and the recognition of the courses that meet the standards.

The whole process has, so far, been spearheaded by the NZ Hypnotherapy Registration Board Inc. (NZHRB) the only independent registration board for the profession in NZ,  after concerns were raised over the quality of some training courses and the “hypnotherapists” that “graduate”.  Updates will be made available as they come to hand.

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New Zealand Hypnotherapists Registration Board Inc.

 National Conference Weekend

The National Hypnotherapy Conference Weekend is organised by The Federation and is held annually, usually in August or September. It’s also ‘live streamed’ direct to your laptop or computer, so you can attend and learn from the comfort of your home, or elsewhere. We’ve had online delegates attend from Australia.

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New Zealand Hypnotherapy Federation Inc.
2015 National Conference - where delegates voted to accept the national hypnotherapy standards
National Hypnotherapy Conference
2015 National Conference - where delegates voted to accept the national hypnotherapy standards
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