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About Roger Saxelby

Roger Saxelby, Principal Alpha Hypnosis Training
Roger Saxelby - Featured on TV's Brain Power and Human Potential documentaries, Downsize Me and Sticky TV.
  • Registered Hypnotherapist #313 - NZ Hypnotherapists Registration Board Inc. 
  • Master Hypnotherapy Trainer - International Assoc. of Counselors & Therapists
  • Honorary Life Member - NZ Association of Professional Hypnotherapists Inc.
  • Honorary AHA Life Member & inducted into the AHA Hall of Fame - .Australian Hypnotherapists Association Inc. 

Roger has been a Hypnotherapist, conducting a clinic full time, since 1980.  In that time he had helped many thousands of people, with many different types of issues or problems, make positive changes in their lives.
Roger’s experience, and his service to the Hypnotherapy profession, is “legendary”, and is un-equalled in this country.  His many qualifications, achievements and awards are listed below. His most recent awards are:  

2013 - Awarded: The Order of Braid Council by the National Guild of Hypnotists (USA). This is one of the highest award given by the NGH, which is the largest hypnotherapy organization in the world.

This award recognizes a lifetime of outstanding achievement and service to the profession, and is the centerpiece of the NGH's award system. 

2009 - Awarded: Certificate of Appreciation by the Australian Hypnotherapists  Association  at their 1st World (and 60th Anniversary) Conference in recognition for his contribution to the profession of Hypnotherapy. 

2008 - Awarded: Life Membership of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association in "Sincere Appreciation for Outstanding Service to the Art and Science of Hypnotherapy".

2008 - Inducted into the Australian Hypnotherapists Association  Hall of Fame - this honour, and the Life Membership above, are especially noteworthy as Roger was not previously an AHA member.

2008 - Awarded: Merv Holster Award - the highest award possible within the New Zealand Hypnotherapy profession, and is in "Recognition of Dedication to Healing and Spreading the Light of Hypnotherapy".

2007 – Awarded: Master Trainer status by the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists (USA) after completion of Advanced Trainer training in Miami, Florida.

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Roger Saxelby....

Roger was born in Glasgow, Scotland and migrated to Victoria, Australia with his family when he was seven years old. When he was 13 years old he attended a stage hypnosis performance by “Reveen - The Impossibilist”. He was fascinated and caught what world renown trainer, the late Gil Boyne (one of Roger’s many teachers) called the “Hypnotism Fever”.

However, it was many years later that he decided to formally study hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Because the Victorian Government restricted the training and practice of hypnotherapy, at that time, to doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and ministers of religion for 30 years (from 1967 - 1998) Roger began searching for training elsewhere

While on holiday in New Zealand in the late 1970's he discovered, and then enrolled on, a three year course in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. With some trepidation, and against the advice of many well-meaning friends and family, and despite being in line for a promotion, he “threw in” his job and headed to New Zealand to follow his dream.

On graduating in 1980 he set up a practice in Auckland, and has been in full time practice ever since.

In 1987 Roger and his very experienced hypnotherapist friend & colleague, Warren Fox, set up the Auckland School of Hypnotherapy.  When Warren retired in 1990 Roger continued teaching. He became the founder of  the Hypnotism Training Institute of NZ, which later [1997] became Alpha Hypnosis Training.  

In 1989 Roger went to America to train with the legendary hypnotherapy “Master”, world famous trainer Gil Boyne. He continued with more advanced training in 1990 and again in 1992 with the late Jim Goulding and his wife Joane at the Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science.  Jim and Joane were highly regarded in Australia, being among the first to teach hypnotherapy.  They were very much responsible for having the law restricting the practice of hypnotherapy changed in Victoria.  Joane is the founder, author and trainer of SleepTalkTM for Children, and is now takinhg in to many other countries as the Goulding process.  

In 1994 he was joined in his business by Susan Wood, his partner. Susan contributed to the expansion and organisation of training, helping to make it what it is today.   

Roger enjoys reading and researching anything to do with the brain and the mind body connection.

Since his initial training in 1978-80 Roger has completed numerous other trainings in Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Supervision, and associated fields since becoming a full time Hypnotherapy Practitioner in 1980. He continues to upgrade his knowledge and learning.

Some of the training Roger's training...

Completed Advanced Hypnotherapy training with the Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science [1990 and 1992]
Completed Neuro Linguistic Programming [NLP] Practitioner Training in NZ in 1992..
Completed Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Hypnotherapy training with internationally respected Dr. Michael Yapko in 1998
Completed Hypnotherapy Trainer’s Training with Dr. George Bien of the International Associsation of Counsellors and Therapistsin USA in 2007. Awarded “Master Trainer” status
     Roger was awarded the "honourary” title of “NZ’s Mr Hypnotherapy” by many colleagues, students and graduates, because of his knowledge and experience.
      He is also one of only two SleepTalk™ for Children trainers in New Zealand - the other is partner Susan Wood
 View Roger with a few of his friends - with some of the world's most renown Hypnotherapists.  

 Roger has also completed numerous other trainings in Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Supervision, Psychology, and associated fields since becoming a full time Hypnotherapist in 1980.  He continually upgrades his knowledge and learning. 


  •     Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists [NGH] since 1988 
  •    Member of the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists (USA) since 2007
  •   Certified in 2007 as a Master Trainer with the IACT [No: 0720-05] by the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists (USA) after completion of Advanced Trainer training in Miami, Florida
  •   On the Examining Body of the American Counsel of Hypnotists Examiners [ASCHE] 
  •    Awarded Life Membership by the Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association Inc. [AHA] 2008 for his service to the hypnotherapy profession
  •   Inducted into the Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association (AHA) Hall of Fame 2008 
  •   Listed with USA Hypnotherapists Regsiter
  • One of 16 Hypnotherapists that revived and re-vitalised the New Zealand Hypnotherapists’ Association Inc., (NZHA) when it was about to be removed from the incorporated societies register [1980]  
  •  Past President, and Secretary [1980 – 1994] of the New Zealand Hypnotherapists’ Association Inc.
  • Award Honorary Life Membership of the NZHA for his “Long Standing Commitment and Service to the NZHA and to the Profession of Hypnotherapy” [1996]
  • Committee Member of the NZHA and the NZAPH [many years between 1980-2013]
  • Founding Member of the New Zealand Association of Professional Hypnotherapists Inc. [NZAPH] 2000, when the NZHA and the NZ Guild of Hypnotherapists combined to become one new organisation.
  • Awarded Honorary Life Membership of the NZAPH [2000]
  • Chair of the NZHA and NZAPH Examination Boards, and on the Examination Board [1996 – 2006]
  • Consultant to the NZAPH Examination Board [2007 – 2008]
New Zealand Hypnotherapists Registration Board Inc.
  • Founding Member of the New Zealand Hypnotherapists Registration Board Inc. [NZHRB] 2002.
  • An NZHRB Executive Board member since its inception in 2002
  • Registered Hypnotherapist [No. 313] with the NZHRB since 2002...
  • A member of the NZHRB Assessment Panel to set and maintain professional standards of competency for hypnotherapists registration nation-wide.
Other NZ Membership:  
  • Member of New Zealand Association of NLP since 1992...
  • Registered Master Hypnotist (RMH) since 2007

New Zealand Hypnotherapy Federation Inc.
  • Had a vision of unity within the profession and was solely responsible for nation-wide advertising, organising meetings which brought a number of hypnotherapy associations together to form the New Zealand Hypnotherapy Federation [NZHF] in 1993 
  • NZHF committee member for many years since its inception in 1993
  • Alpha Hypnosis Training representative on the NZHF committee since 2003. This was when membership was expanded to include other Hypnotherapy organisations E.g. training establishments, etc. This was done to better reflect the profession. Previously, membership had been restricted to professional associations only

Hypnotherapy Qualification Advisory Group to NZQA 
  • Chair of the NZQA Hypnotherapy Qualification Advisory Group setting the training Unit Standards for Hypnotherapy in New Zealand [1993-1999]
  • Alpha Hypnosis Training representative to the Hypnotherapy Industry Advisory Group [HIAG] that revised the NZQA training Unit Standards for Hypnotherapy since 2000. 
Since 2008 HIAG has been inactive as the NZQA relinquished moderation of the natural therapies. 

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