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She stopped drinking diet soda, an addiction she'd had for 20 years!

I was pleasantly surprised to hear from a recent client that she had completely stopped drinking diet soda, an “addiction” she’s had for over 20 years and she was losing weight. 

I was surprised because during her first session, I’d only very briefly suggested that she would reject all sugary foods and drinks. This is part of an overall approach during the first session aimed at portion size, and foods and drinks that are not in the best interests of your health.

The client had originally come for Alpha’s Hypno-Surgery programme, a Virtual Gastric Band procedure, where I guide clients suitable for that programme through a (mental) gastric band operation. She was amazed at how different she felt even after her first session. She was also delighted to find out that she had shed nearly half a kilo in just 4 days.

The programme also addresses unhealthy/healthy food and drinks, food management, exercise, attitude, motivation and focus, as well as other issues that may be holding a client back.

It’s all very well to say you just have to eat healthier or exercise your body more, and will-power alone can sometimes achieve this, but not always.

For there to be a permanent change in your behaviour there must first be a change in your mind - your unconscious or subconscious mind! And it’s important that your conscious and subconscious mind is in harmony to reach your goal, whatever your goal may be.

Helping people to tap into the power of their inner mind is very rewarding - to see the positive changes they can make to reduce their weight, be more motivated, get rid of phobias, manage pain, improve in sport or study, and much more. Many clients have been impressed at how their hypnotherapy sessions have changed their way of thinking. They often thank me, and I point out that I am a guide, using techniques and skills I’ve learnt, to assist them to tap into their inner mind, their personal power, so their inner thoughts and motivation are in harmony with what they consciously want to achieve. They are the ones “doing it”, making the changes. I can’t make them “do” anything they don’t really want to do.

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