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Weight loss success....

Weight loss success....

I am a person that has tried all the weight loss programmes – 4 week lose 10 kilo’s, gym contracts for a year where I only went twice, boot camps, shakes, green tea’s, starving, bingeing, always wanting a quick fix, and I kept on forgetting that it didn’t take me 4 weeks to put on the weight! 
So when I saw an ad for the Alpha Hypnosis programme, I thought why not? One more “fad” won’t make a difference, and it was worth a try.

Well.............. was I wrong.............. Turned out, I had to get it right in my head first, and realise for myself that the only person holding me back from completely enjoying my life to the full and achieving my goals was myself!

Hypnotherapy helped me realise that I no longer will fail, and that I will SUCCEED and I got a higher benefit from Hypnotherapy than I expected. It is a tool I highly recommend and credit highly!

I have found unbelievable energy, confidence, drive and passion for my life again, and the motivation I feel now, to get on and live my life & achieve my goals, is great!

I found Hypnotherapy to be the ideal tool to assist me & give me the motivation to choose healthier choices and get me closer to achieving my goals. And I no longer feel the need to finish the bag of biscuits seen as they open?  I have even stopped chewing my nails, which I have done for about 20 years!

Before going everything felt like too much effort, and now I feel very energetic!  I don’t give up on getting things done as easily, and it was like something “clicked” in my brain. Now I no longer feel like I need a quick fix to lose the weight, it’s more of a lifestyle programme. And I can see a big change in my attitude and happiness levels too!

I have lost a few kilo’s so far and still have quite a few to go, but I have finally realised that I thought my weight was my security blanket, protecting me from actually living my life to the fullest, whereas all it was doing was actually restricting me.  I do not feel as restricted now, before i was putting on a kilo or two every few months and now i will be losing them, not gaining!

What I have gained, and continue to gain, is achievement closer to my goals and a happier outlook and sense of self!   So thank you Susan Wood and Alpha Hypnosis!

Caylie Roussel
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