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Have you tried all these different diets? 

Still can't keep off those unwanted kilos?

It's likely to be all 'in your mind'

Give yourself that extra edge with the

Virtual Gastric Band

the new weight loss coaching plan....

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Weight loss! Some people struggle with this all their lives. Dieting can, for many people, be like a yo-yo - you lose weight then put it all, and sometimes more, back on again.  Sound familiar? 

If you’re fed up with diets you can’t stick to, can’t find the motivation to exercise, and you don’t want to or can't go down the surgery route, this programme could be the right solution for you!  This can be what you need to finally achieve your goal of getting rid of that unwanted weight.  

Maybe you already eat mainly healthy food?  Maybe you already do some exercise?  And yet you still can't seem to control your weight and keep it off.  You get frustrated and wonder how do I lose weight and keep it off?

Some people have described trying to lose weight as it being like "two people in my head pulling in different directions". One wants to lose weight, but the other still craves the wrong sort of food, portion size is too large, snacks between meals, etc.  Does that seem familiar to you?

Getting both "people" pulling in the same direction would make it a lot easier, wouldn't it!

Weight loss hypnosis can help the tug of war in your mind

This is because your automatic behaviour and habits originate from your subconscious mind. E.g. eating too much or eating unhealthy food, not exercising, etc. Your subconscious, sometimes called the unconscious, is your inner "driver".  Consciously you may strongly believe that you want to get rid of that unwanted weight, but your subconscious doesn't want to release it.  Although this may be hard to believe, it's true for a lot of people.  Consciously wanting to get rid of those extra kilos consciously is being overridden by your subconscious mind.  And for there to be a permanent change in your behaviour, something must first change in your subconscious. And that is where hypnosis specialises - the subconscious mind!  So your weight loss starts in your mind.

If your weight loss is not addressed at the subconscious level you can get fed up with food restrictions, counting points, etc, and  give up in frustration. It's likely the weight will go back on again. We've seen this recently in the report about "The Biggest Loser" TV show in the USA, where some of the "winners" have put the weight they lost back on and some even more. 

The Virtual Gastric Band - using hypnosis is a highly effective programme to get rid of those unwanted kilos? It is not a diet! You do not stop eating foods you enjoy.  

Check out this article and video:  'Virtual' gastric band helps desperate people to shed kilos.  This can be you!  You can give yourself that extra edge. 

The Virtual Gastric Band programme can help get your subconscious working in harmony with what you consciously want - lose weight - making it easier for you to shed those kilos.  Once the two "people in your mind"  work together, you'll find you won't even want unhealthy food and/or drinks. Check out what Caylie said about this programme... 


"I am a person that has tried all the weight loss programmes ... always wanting a quick fix, and I kept on forgetting that it didn’t take me 4 weeks to put on the weight! So when I saw an ad for the Alpha Hypnosis programme, I thought why not? One more “fad” won’t make a difference, and it was worth a try.  Well.............. was I wrong.............. Turned out, I had to get it right in my head first, and realise for myself that the only person holding me back from completely enjoying my life to the full and achieving my goals was myself! To read more about successful sessions... 


Three programmes! You choose which fits to you.... 


This programme could be for you… if you are already successful and motivated in other areas of your life, are focused and motivated to do what needs to be done, and just need a little extra help.

SILVER …  As Bronze, Plus 1 additional session within the following 2 months.

This programme could be for you… if you've been able to manage your weight most of your life, but children and/or a busy work/life style have got in the way. You are prepared to be focused and motivated to do what needs to be done, and would like that back-up to keep you that way. just need more help .

GOLD As Bronze… Plus 3 additional coaching/hypnosis sessions over 6 months.

This programme could be for you… if you’ve struggled with your weight most of your life and/or have a lot of weight to reduce.  You’ve tried all the diets – with no long term affect – and it’s affecting / starting to affect your health. Because you haven’t been able to “stick with it” you recognise you need additional help over a longer period of time.

With the Virtual Gastric Band... you are guided to tap into your inner "driver" - your subconscious mind - and help yourself release unwanted weight while enjoying a very pleasant hypnosis relaxation. This helps....
To read more about how the VGB can help you, about my weight loss, etc. 

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