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 The wart has never re‑grown.  

Some years ago I came to you for help in removing a persistent wart (since school days) on my left index knuckle. I twice had it removed by my doctor, using dry ice. A very painful process. It re‑grew both times. I was then sent to the local hospital, using ray treatment. This was in the cancer clinic. Still no permanent success. That treatment was also very painful. In my daily work I was turning items which had metal zips and this was a frequent cause of ripping up the wart which was either pulled out completely or just partially, but it still grew.
When I heard of you I made an appointment and came to you as a last resort. I was seated in a recliner chair while you quietly talked to me and eventually gave me a very simple action to perform each morning as soon as I woke up. Mornings for me were hectic and sometimes I would not remember until much later in the day, even as late as when I finally went to bed. A fortnight later I paid a second visit to reinforce your simple instructions. End of treatment!
The wart was smaller but still very prominent. As time went by it was really shrinking and finally disappeared, leaving no trace. The wart has never re‑grown.
On‑that second visit a man had just walked in and I overheard him saying he went home so annoyed about his waste of money on a so called treatment to break his long time smoking habit that he wasn't coming back again but just to prove he could do it without help he had thrown out all his fags and hadn't smoked since. So there!! He was a non believer of a treatment that had really worked for him!
I do know that your treatment of my problem was genuine and did really work, and I will be forever thankful for what you did for me. I would readily recommend (Hypnotherapy) to anyone needing help.
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