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Calm and Relaxed before and after Surgery!

For many years I have been a personal friend of Susan Wood and her partner, Roger Saxelby, who own and operate  Alpha Hypnosis.
A few months ago I was facing a massive (4 hour) operation, and I eagerly accepted when Sue offered to help me in preparing myself for the event as
in the past I had been a chronic worrier about trivial matters. One time in particular stands out for me as a time of dread.  That has always been the journey to the Hospital, whether it’s been to have a child or to have surgery.

Sue g
uided me in the techniques of relaxation and taught me Self Hypnosis, which I have found most helpful, not only in the pre-operative period, but also in everyday situations.  I found great relief in the positive suggestions she gave me. To have the peace of mind that these sessions gave me was truly wonderful.
On the trip to the hospital this time I found myself completely calm and relaxed, with a certainty of a quick and positive outcome. There was even an eagerness to be in the operating theater and have it all behind me, so that the healing process could begin.
The first few days after the procedure, were not very pleasant due to the drugs and anaesthesia. Bit even then I was able to reassure myself with the thoughts that this time would soon be over, as indeed it was.
My healing is now complete, and the specialist who performed the operation has been really amazed at my rapid progress.
After less than two months of the surgery (which resulted in a massive scar) I am back to swimming three times a week and feeling physically and mentally on top of my form.
So thank you so much Sue, and Alpha Hypnosis

Barbara Frewin
Honorary Life Members - NZ Assoc Professional Hypnotherapists   Alpha Hypnosis Member of NZ Hypnotherapy Federation Inc.  
Roger Saxelby Life Member Australian Hypnotherapy Assoc.
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