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Stop Smoking

 . .  It was the easiest thing I think I have ever done..

Dear Roger,

It has been a number of years since I last contacted you, however, I have thought of your wonderful hypnosis services many times over those years. 
To refresh your memory... I sought to quit smoking for the umpteenth time.  I had been smoking at least 75 cigarettes per day (yes, a real chain smoker) for at least 8 years of my life.  It became very apparent that my life was not going to last long at that rate.  
After losing my mother to cancer and being asked, with genuine concern (by my then eight year old son) to quit I made a definite decision that I did not wish to continue to be a slave to smoking.  I wanted to take control of my lungs, health and life, back

I had tried nicotine patches, slowly lowering cigarette intake, cold turkey - you name it, I tried it. 
  The only thing I had not tried was hypnosis.
Having spoken to a few family and friends, I decided that it could only do me good to give hypnosis a go.  And so I contacted you through the yellow pages, and I was indeed really fortunate that yours was the name my finger fell on in that phone book!  
Your programme was all I needed! I admit that I smoked all the way up to your front door, but in my heart of hearts, I did want to quit.   I left your clinic thinking nothing had changed.  I jumped into the driver’s seat of my car and looked down at a half finished packet of cigarettes and thought (rather oddly) that I just didn’t want a cigarette, so off I drove.   Back in my office, I had packets of cigarettes on my desk, in the draws and on the fridge, and yet I just didn’t want one.  
That was eight years ago, and I have never picked up another cigarette since.  In the following first two years of having hypnotherapy sessions with you, a number of close family members died, my marriage ended, and still I did not have an inclination to smoke. My family and friends were amazed, so used to seeing me puffing my life away - not to mention the money I spent to maintain the habit.
I want to sincerely thank you, for assisting me in making my life healthier, happier and no doubt longer!   I remember your words; that the hypnotherapy would work provided I made the commitment and really wanted to quit. Well Roger, you were right.  I wanted it enough and you gave me the key to make it happen - and frankly, it was the easiest thing I think I have ever done.
Many, many thanks.
Tania Harris  
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