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In a single session... Roger enabled me to rid myself of a problem that has affected me for years 

I was first introduced to Roger Saxelby by my husband, a hypnotherapy student of Roger. For a number of years I had felt a particular sensitivity and constriction around the throat area when touched there.  Recently it had become very intense, restricting what I wore and, more importantly, my receiving massage or reikie treatment in that vicinity.  Knowing there was no physical reason for this very physical reaction I decided to try hypnosis hoping that it would provide some answers and resolution.

I found Roger to be very professional, but also friendly and empathic. I felt very comfortable and safe at all times. After 30 minutes of regression with hypnosis I had all the answers. 

I went back during the hypnotherapy session to a previous life I had never envisaged. In that life I had died as a young black slave boy.  I was alone, badly beaten, being strangled by the slave collar I wore.  This child was a first generation slave taken from his home when still very young.  His slave name was Sam, he was too young when taken to remember his true name.  He was a repetitive runaway, always trying to get rid of the collar, always trying to be free.  For him to die with that collar still on was heart breaking. 

As I became more emotional Roger took me from the first person to the third (person), so that I became an observer, not the dying boy and therefore still feeling safe.  In this form I was able to remove the collar, setting both Sam and myself free.

Sam is now a positive memory for me and any rare hint of reaction in my throat area disappears when I think of him. 

In a single session of hypnosis Roger enabled me to rid myself of a problem that has affected me for years,and also to find a missing part.  For this I cannot thank him enough.

Allie Ross

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