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Flying Without Fear

I handled all eight flights over the five weeks we were travelling with ease

Hi Roger
I have always been afraid of flying, but forced myself to 'bite the bullet' when my three children all ended up living across the ditch. Anticipation of visits to Australia were always clouded by a horrible feeling of dread. Each time we flew across the Tasman, my time on the plane was spent in a very tense state which was most stressful. On arrival at my destination I was always exhausted. The kind of thoughts that would go through my mind in flight were: 'We're going to crash' or 'That guy is going to the toilet to detonate a bomb!' I used to look at other passengers who appeared so calm and relaxed, and wished that I could be like them.
Mid 2012 I contacted Roger to see if he might be able to help me, as on September 1st I was due to travel to the USA and Europe to meet my partner's family. To be honest, my inclination was not to do the trip at all, but that would have been very disappointing for my partner (and me). I really wanted to find a way to fly without the fear.
I attended three appointments with Roger Saxelby of Alpha Hypnosis, and found the sessions easy, relaxing and useful. Roger not only provided hypnotherapy, but also taught me a number of techniques to use later on.  He even encouraged me to record session two on my cell phone, so I could keep listening to it.
As I prepared for our trip I noticed that the usual dread wasn't present. In fact I felt quite excited about what lay ahead. I still wondered whether anything would have changed once I boarded a plane though.
I am extremely happy to say that I handled all eight flights over the five weeks we were travelling with ease.  It was quite unbelievable at first, because my whole mind-set had changed.  I had trust in the pilot and crew, and instead of thinking the odds of something terrible happening was huge I realised the odds of everything being fine were greater.  I enjoyed watching movies in flight, and even managed to sleep some of the time. Funnily enough, the only thing bothering me in the end was that it could sometimes get a little boring - particularly on the long hauls.
If someone had told me earlier this year that I could be rid of cured of my fear of flying I would not have believed them, however thanks to Roger a whole new world has opened up to me.
Robin Essex, Waiatarua.

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