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Asthma, Psoriasis, Phobia

My asthma is now almost non-existent.

Dear Roger

This letter is to thank you for all that attending the Alpha Hypnosis Advanced Hypnotherapy Course has done for me.

I joined the (Hypnotherapy training) because I wanted to become a practicing hypnotherapist, I (now) have a functioning clinic with satisfied clientele. So I thank you for helping me to achieve that goal.

However there were many other bonuses from attending the course that I was not expecting.

Among them… my Asthma is now almost non-existent. Three years ago it was so extreme I had to leave my job and I truly thought I would never be well again. The Psoriasis I have had for thirty years is now also almost disappeared. You also removed, in a few minutes, the escalator phobia that I had lived with for most of my life.

Separate to this, but I feel probably due to the personal growth I achieved from your training, I received a $3000 scholarship from my current employer, and also had a children's story accepted for publishing in the NZ School Journal.

I seem to get along with other people even better, and I very much put this down to being more in touch with my own subconscious mind.

Please feel free to use this as a testimonial.
Pat Norton 
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