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Roger sees clients for many different issues, problems, and changes, and he can help you. He has received many testimonials from happy clients since he started in 1980 in clinical practice. Here are just a few of them. Please note Results may vary person to person. 

Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking.... One visit was all I needed!

Dear Roger,

It has been a number of years since I last contacted you, however, I have thought of your wonderful hypnosis services many times over those years. 
To refresh your memory... I sought to quit smoking for the umpteenth time.  I had been smoking at least 75 cigarettes per day (yes, a real chain smoker) for at least 8 years of my life.  It became very apparent that my life was not going to last long at that rate.  
After losing my mother to cancer and being asked, with genuine concern (by my then eight year old son) to quit I made a definite decision that I did not wish to continue to be a slave to smoking.  I wanted to take control of my lungs, health and life, back

I had tried nicotine patches, slowly lowering cigarette intake, cold turkey - you name it, I tried it. 
  The only thing I had not tried was hypnosis.
Having spoken to a few family and friends, I decided that it could only do me good to give hypnosis a go.  And so I contacted you through the yellow pages, and I was indeed really fortunate that yours was the name my finger fell on in that phone book!  
One visit was all I needed!I admit that I smoked all the way up to your front door, but in my heart of hearts, I did want to quit.   I left your clinic thinking nothing had changed.  I jumped into the driver’s seat of my car and looked down at a half finished packet of cigarettes and thought (rather oddly) that I just didn’t want a cigarette, so off I drove.   Back in my office, I had packets of cigarettes on my desk, in the draws and on the fridge, and yet I just didn’t want one.  
That was eight years ago, and I have never picked up another cigarette since.  In the following first two years of having one hypnotherapy session with you, a number of close family members died, my marriage ended, and still I did not have an inclination to smoke. My family and friends were amazed, so used to seeing me puffing my life away - not to mention the money I spent to maintain the habit.
I want to sincerely thank you, for assisting me in making my life healthier, happier and no doubt longer!   I remember your words; that the hypnotherapy would work provided I made the commitment and really wanted to quit. Well Roger, you were right.  I wanted it enough and you gave me the key to make it happen - and frankly, it was the easiest thing I think I have ever done.
Many, many thanks.
Tania Harris 
Results may vary 

Hypnotherapy helped asthma ...

Dear Roger

This letter is to thank you for all that attending the Alpha Hypnosis Advanced Hypnotherapy Course has done for me.

I joined the (Hypnotherapy training) because I wanted to become a practicing hypnotherapist, I (now) have a functioning clinic with satisfied clientele. So I thank you for helping me to achieve that goal.

However there were many other bonuses from attending the course that I was not expecting.

Among them… my Asthma is now almost non-existent. Three years ago it was so extreme I had to leave my job and I truly thought I would never be well again. The Psoriasis I have had for thirty years is now also almost disappeared. You also removed, in a few minutes, the escalator phobia that I had lived with for most of my life.

Separate to this, but I feel probably due to the personal growth I achieved from your training, I received a $3000 scholarship from my current employer, and also had a children's story accepted for publishing in the NZ School Journal.

I seem to get along with other people even better, and I very much put this down to being more in touch with my own subconscious mind.

Please feel free to use this as a testimonial.
Pat Norton

Results may vary 

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Chronic pain helped with hypnotherapy...

Dear Roger

I am writing to inform you of the excellent progress in my pain management which has occurred since I visited you a few years ago.  I had chronic pain for many years, and medications and other therapies (E.g. acupuncture, etc.) that I had tried made very little permanent difference. 
After our sessions, I began the process of understanding that the emotions attached to the deformity are promoting some of the pain. And whilst the pain has not completely gone, it is at the lowest level I can remember.  I find myself far more mobile, I am happier, and I can see a future of positives.
Thank you for your unique life changing skills and your ‘gift’ through those hypnosis sessions.
Kindest Regards,
Simon Finnel

Results may vary 

Persistant Wart ...The wart has never re‑grown.  

Some years ago I came to you for help in removing a persistent wart (since school days) on my left index knuckle. I twice had it removed by my doctor, using dry ice. A very painful process. It re‑grew both times. I was then sent to the local hospital, using ray treatment. This was in the cancer clinic. Still no permanent success. That treatment was also very painful. In my daily work I was turning items which had metal zips and this was a frequent cause of ripping up the wart which was either pulled out completely or just partially, but it still grew.
When I heard of you I made an appointment and came to you as a last resort. I was seated in a recliner chair while you quietly talked to me and eventually gave me a very simple action to perform each morning as soon as I woke up. Mornings for me were hectic and sometimes I would not remember until much later in the day, even as late as when I finally went to bed. A fortnight later I paid a second visit to reinforce your simple instructions. End of treatment!
The wart was smaller but still very prominent. As time went by it was really shrinking and finally disappeared, leaving no trace. The wart has never re‑grown.
On‑that second visit a man had just walked in and I overheard him saying he went home so annoyed about his waste of money on a so called treatment to break his long time smoking habit that he wasn't coming back again but just to prove he could do it without help he had thrown out all his fags and hadn't smoked since. So there!! He was a non believer of a treatment that had really worked for him!
I do know that your treatment of my problem was genuine and did really work, and I will be forever thankful for what you did for me. I would readily recommend (Hypnotherapy) the treatment to anyone needing help.
Results may vary 

Sensitive neck... Roger enabled me to rid myself of a problem that has affected me for years

I was first introduced to Roger Saxelby by my husband, a hypnotherapy student of Roger. For a number of years I had felt a particular sensitivity and constriction around the throat area when touched there.  Recently it had become very intense, restricting what I wore and, more importantly, my receiving massage or reikie treatment in that vicinity.  Knowing there was no physical reason for this very physical reaction I decided to try hypnosis hoping that it would provide some answers and resolution.

I found Roger to be very professional, but also friendly and empathic. I felt very comfortable and safe at all times. After 30 minutes of regression with hypnosis I had all the answers. 

I went back during the hypnotherapy session to a previous life I had never envisaged. In that life I had died as a young black slave boy.  I was alone, badly beaten, being strangled by the slave collar I wore.  This child was a first generation slave taken from his home when still very young.  His slave name was Sam, he was too young when taken to remember his true name.  He was a repetitive runaway, always trying to get rid of the collar, always trying to be free.  For him to die with that collar still on was heart breaking. 

As I became more emotional Roger took me from the first person to the third (person), so that I became an observer, not the dying boy and therefore still feeling safe.  In this form I was able to remove the collar, setting both Sam and myself free.

Sam is now a positive memory for me and any rare hint of reaction in my throat area disappears when I think of him. 

In a single session of hypnosis Roger enabled me to rid myself of a problem that has affected me for years, and also to find a missing part.  For this I cannot thank him enough.

Allie Ross
Results may vary 

Exam nerves gone with Hypnotherapy

Dear Roger
I contacted you a few months ago about my daughter, who was due to re-sit a practical exam and was feeling very nervous and anxious about it (to the point where she was thinking about not doing the test at all).
I knew this exam was important to her and her future career but felt helpless as a parent on how to help her situation. Someone suggested hypnotherapy to me and I had heard positive things about it before, I contacted you about the situation.
Straight away over the phone you made me feel very confident that you could help her, and you gave me a good general understanding about the hypnotherapy process.
After the first time she saw you I noticed an immediate difference in her and I could tell she felt different about the impending exam, once saying that she felt happier and calmer and she said “Oh my god that hypnotherapy really works” as going to a mock exam.
Thanks to you, my daughter passed her exam with ease and we are both very pleased and thankful for your hypnotherapy skills and professional kind manner.
I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone needing your help in the future.
Kind regards
J Taylor
Results may vary 

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