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  Roger Saxelby Alpha Hypnosis 2012(copy)
Your Peace of Mind with NZ Most Experienced and Awarded Hypnotherapy Trainer: Roger Saxelby 
NZHRB Registered Hypnotherapist, MNZAPH, NGH (USA)

Hypnotherapy for Life, Business and Sport 

Hypnosis for sport Vesna Radonich 4 Gold medals
Vesna Radonich

2012 World Champion & NZ Waka Ama Champion

Alpha Hypnosis congratulates... Vesna Radonich on winning Gold, and become the Open Woman Waka Ama World Champion 2012.

Vesna originally came to see Roger for hypnotherapy to quit smoking. Not only did she stop smoking, Roger was also able to assist her with her recovery from her Cochlear implant surgery, and her dream of becoming Waka Ama World Champion. Vesna has overcome many hurdles to reach her goals, and earlier this year won 4 Gold Medals to become NZ Waka Ama Champion. In August Vensa achieved her dream of becoming World Champion when she won Gold in the World Championships held in Calgarry, and became the open woman Waka Ama World Champion 2012.

Alpha Hypnosis is proud to sponsor Vesna, and help her achieve her goals . 

All champion athletes, and those aspiring to be champions, will know what being "in the zone" means. How being in that state when everything flows effortlessly, is when.... Read more about Hypnosis for Sport 

Personal Sessions - The Mind Factor

For there to be any permanent change in your behaviour first it must change at your sub-conscious mind level.  And that is where hypnosis specialises - the subconscious mind!  Hypnotherapy is simply therapy whilst you are in the state of hypnosis.  
 Success with Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy can assist you in many ways to make positive changes in your life. It can help with your relationships, your personal life, your work, your sport, your health, your learning, and much more.  How does it do that?

It's... The MIND FACTOR!

Hypnosis is a completely natural state of mind. Everyone experiences it several times a day. Any time you daydream (the alpha state) or, when your mind wanders off to another time or place. Or, when... read more about Hypnosis for personal Hypnotherapy sessions


Children smiling- WEB.jpg

Do you want your children

to reach their full potential?   

To be able to do their best in whatever they do? Be happy and positive? Make their way in the world with confidence? Be able to cope with issues and problems with an innate self esteem?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, or you are concerned about your child... read more about SleepTalkTM...  


The REAL Secret to Making Positive Changes
 in YOUR Life...

Hypnotism can help your succeed

You don't need to buy a book to discover the Secret to making positive changes in your life; it's all about changing your attitude.  How you deal,  and interact, with your world depends on your attitude to it. But while thinking positive thoughts, visualising your goals, etc. can all help, how do you change your attitude and keep it changed? 

To learn more about how you can access the Real Secret to making permanent change, and make positive changes in YOUR life...      to learn more about how you can succeed.... Click here     



p_9.gifWhat is Hypnosis?

We often get people asking us what is hypnosis, not realising that hypnosis is a completely natural 'state' that they go into many times during the day and night.  It is also known as the Alpha brain wave level or Alpha state.  You are in hypnosis frequently, when you are really concentrating on something: E.g. studying, reading, watching TV or movies, playing computer games. Or, when you find yourself getting emotional when watching TV or a movie.  Daydreaming is another example. And driving over familiar roads or long.... Read more about what is hypnosis...

p_9.gifWhat is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is quite simply approporiate suggestions or therapy, given by the hypnotherapists while you are in Hypnosis. Positive suggestions in hypnosis, in themselves, can have a very therapeutic effect on the mind and body for self-improvement and/or the release of  problems. However, some issues need more investigation so that ...  Read more about what is Hypnotherapy

p_9.gifHow many Hypnotherapy sessions will I need? 

Hypnotherapy can help with a wide variety of issues and problems.  And each one is different, and we each respond differntly to hypnosis, so it is not always possible to give an exact figure. Some can make changes after just one or two sessions, others need more involved ... Read more about Hypnotherapy sessions

p_9.gifHow can Hypnotherapy help me stop smoking?

Quit smoking with Hypnotherapy can be easy, usually requiring only one session, providing your are absolutely ready to stop. Hypnotherapy can't make you stop smoking, or do anything you don't wnat to do, so you need to be ... read more about how to quit smoking


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Hypnotherapy Client Feedback

Hypnotherapy and how to lose weight

Hypnotherapy helped me realise that I no longer will fail, and that I will SUCCEED and I got a higher benefit from Hypnotherapy than I expected. It is .... read more of this testimonial

75 a day smoker stopped in 1 session

I had tried nicotine patches, slowly lowering cigarette intake, cold turkey - you name it, I tried it. The only thing I had not tried was hypnosis." read more of quit smoking with hypnosis...

Hypnosis helped chronic pain... 

"And whilst the pain has not completely gone, it is at the lowest level I can remember.  I find myself far more mobile, I am happier, and I can see a future of positives...." Read more how hypnosis helped pain

Weight loss success with Hypnotherapy...

"I found Hypnotherapy to be the ideal tool to assist me & give me the motivation to choose healthier choices and get me closer to achieving my goals. And I no longer feel the need to finish the bag of... " Read more of how losing weight is easy with hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy removes persisent wart....

"Some years ago (approx. 18) I came to you for help in removing a persistent wart (since school days) on my left index knuckle. I twice had it removed by my doctor, using dry ice. A very painful process. It re‑grew both times." Read more about how hypnotherapy helped the wart ... 

Sensitive neck fixed with Hypnosis...

In a single session of hypnosis Roger enabled me to rid myself of a problem that has affected me for years. Read more about how hypnotherapy helped...

Some of Roger Saxelby's

Certificate of Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy 1980
Orinigal training 1980 -
Certificate of Psychotherapy
and Hypnotherapy 


Diploma of Clincial Hypnotherapy from the Australian Acedemy of Hypnotic Science 1987
1987 - Aust. Academy of Hypnotic Science
Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy

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Honorary Life Members - NZ Assoc Professional Hypnotherapists   Alpha Hypnosis Member of NZ Hypnotherapy Federation Inc.  
Roger Saxelby Life Member Australian Hypnotherapy Assoc.
  Roger Saxelby Master Hypnotherapy Trainer IACT   Roger Saxelby Member NGH (USA) 20+ years   Registered Hypnotherapsits NZHRB